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Exercise is quite simply the most evidence-based mode of health intervention known to man. Is it not intriguing then, that exercise is prescribed by a myriad healthcare providers in a very general manner?

With post-graduate education and training in integrative medicine, sports science, orthopaedic rehabilitation, nutrition, herbalism and various forms of bodywork, James has developed a relationship-centred approach to finding his patient's lifestyle balance. Each patient's exercise/movement discovery is developed through personal discussion, detailed assessment and an understanding of the patient's physiological dysfunction.

We apply the science for optimal physical wellness. We listen deeply because we care.

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24 Jan 2015



Most people believe that I am a Pilates Instructor. Although I do have experience in the Pilates Method, it is only one method among many wonderful ways to explore movement. It is a principle-based way of learning healthy postural habits. But it may not be for you.

I am an integral Biokineticist, trying to find a way to help patients "be more, in their doing". What I teach can help a Pilates Intructor as much as it can help an Osteopath, GP, oncologist or nutritional therapist.

We offer various instructor training courses and workshops.



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"It was all very well balanced with sufficient time spent on theory & practical
- Tara