The combination of gene variants that make up your specific DNA is one fundamental reason that you are you. This is what makes you unique. Understanding your uniqueness is key to planning how best to look after yourself.

Of the 3.2 billion words in the “book of one’s DNA” only 0,06% is what differentiates me from you. There is only one question you need ask yourself… “Do you want to know what your genes say or not?” 


This is not about predicting rare genetic diseases or finding gene variants that will result in a specific illness (like the cystic fibrosis gene that can be identified). We understand the ethical problems associated with finding out whether you have a life-threatening disease, and choose not to include these few variants in testing.

The health problems experienced by humans on earth in 2016 are 95% related to lifestyle patterns (i.e. diseases of choice like heart disease, arthritis, obesity-related disorders, cancer, neurodegenerative disease and lung diseases). These speak about the sleeping, eating, drinking, exercising, stress management and relationship patterns that can be identified AND importantly CHANGED for your health benefit. The key to a long, healthy life remains the relationship between nature (your genetic specifics) and nurture (how well you provide what your system needs).

Your gene variants are fixed (for life). But lifestyle and environment can influence your genes to increase or decrease their signal (called up-regulation or down-regulation of gene expression).

You only need to do this type of test once in your life. The variants never change their basic type, only the level of their expression. Where blood tests, imaging (Xray and MRI) and other expensive functional medical diagnostic tests can only tell you WHAT is happening at that particular snapshot in time. DNA gene type tests can provide information as to WHY a particular situation exists in the body. Both are valuable questions to ask – we suggest that test pairing is then the most valuable way to determine how best to help a patient.

Why not ask WHAT is going on and WHY is this likely the case? Don’t guess anymore about your potential lactose intolerance, your potential gluten intolerance, your choice of diet and even how much you should exercise…Do a gene type test today and KNOW yourself.